Black Glitter HTV


  • User-Friendly for DIY and Professionals: This glitter HTV is user-friendly, catering to both DIY enthusiasts and professional designers. Its ease of use, combined with professional-grade quality, makes it a versatile choice for various skill levels.
  • Ideal for Festive and Special Occasions: With its bright sparkle, TransWonder’s glitter HTV is perfect for festive occasions like Christmas, Halloween, and birthdays. It adds a celebratory touch to garments and accessories, making them stand out at special events.
  • Compatibility with Mixed Media Designs: This HTV works well in mixed media designs, complementing other materials like standard vinyl, flock, and fabric. Its versatility in mixed media applications opens up endless creative possibilities for unique and multi-textured designs.
  • Precision Color Consistency: Each roll or sheet of TransWonder glitter HTV boasts precision color consistency. This uniformity is crucial for projects requiring multiple pieces of HTV, ensuring that every part of the design matches perfectly. The consistent color quality enhances the overall look of the finished product, making it appealing for both personal and commercial projects.
  • Optimized for Hand Ironing: While compatible with professional heat presses, TransWonder’s glitter HTV is also optimized for hand ironing. This feature is particularly beneficial for hobbyists or small businesses that might not have access to a heat press. The vinyl’s formulation ensures it bonds effectively to fabrics using a standard iron, making it a versatile option for various users.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PLOTTING CUTTERS:Glitter HTV Vinyl  is easy cut with literally, any die-cut machine whether professional or home hobby crafting will be perfect. It adheres to the garment just like print which makes you can barely feel it, with either household flat iron or any kind of heat press machine.
  • Excellent Layer Adhesion for Multi-Layer Designs: For designs requiring multiple layers, TransWonder glitter HTV offers excellent adhesion between layers. This property is essential for creating complex, multi-colored designs without the risk of layers peeling apart. The HTV’s ability to bond securely with itself ensures long-lasting, multi-dimensional designs.


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