Blue Puff Vinyl


  • Heat-Sensitive Expansion: Unique puff effect heightens upon heat application for a distinctive look.
  • Strong Adhesive Backing: Ensures a secure, long-lasting bond to fabrics without additional adhesives.
  • High Definition Detailing: Achieve crisp and precise details in your designs, making white ideal for intricate patterns and text.
  • Subtle Texture: Adds a gentle, tactile feel, perfect for creating designs that require a soft, understated touch.
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  • Its potential for customization makes it a popular choice for personalized gifts and bespoke apparel, allowing for unique and thoughtful creations.
  • The puff vinyl is particularly effective for commemorative and celebratory apparel, where its standout texture adds an extra element of festivity and uniqueness.
  • Its resistance to chemicals and solvents makes it a durable choice for workwear and industrial uniforms, where exposure to harsh substances is common.
  • Its flexibility in design application allows for a range of artistic styles, from minimalist and modern to intricate and detailed, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.
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