Brown Puff Vinyl


  • Natural-Looking Finish: Provides a natural-looking finish, ideal for designs that require an organic or rustic touch.
  • High Elasticity for Flexible Fabrics: Offers high elasticity, making it suitable for flexible fabrics without compromising design integrity.
  • Enhanced Durability for Outdoor Use: Demonstrates enhanced durability, suitable for outdoor wear and gear.
  • Optimal for Layered Text Effects(on the upper-most layer): Excellent for creating layered text effects, adding depth and dimension to lettering.
  • Easy Maintenance and Care: Designed for easy maintenance, withstanding regular cleaning without losing its puff texture or color.
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  • This puff vinyl’s enhanced abrasion resistance ensures it withstands frequent use, making it ideal for high-wear items like backpacks, caps, and sportswear accessories.
  • Its capability to maintain puff texture under mechanical stress, such as stretching or bending, makes it a robust choice for dynamic apparel like yoga pants and athletic gear.
  • The vinyl’s color consistency in different lighting conditions ensures that designs look uniform and professional, regardless of the environment they are displayed in.
  • Its compatibility with intricate cut designs allows for detailed and elaborate patterns, offering endless creative possibilities for designers and crafters.


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