Coffee Puff Vinyl


  • Resilience to Heat and Pressure: Exhibits excellent tolerance to high heat and pressure during application, ensuring a consistent puff effect
  •  Multi-Layered Design Potential(on the upper-most layer): Works effectively in multi-layered designs without compromising the final texture or look.
  • Low Shrinkage Rate: Maintains original size and shape during the heat press process, ensuring design accuracy.
  • Smooth Cutting Experience: Offers a smooth cutting experience, reducing blade wear and ensuring precise cuts.
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  • The puff vinyl’s suitability for thematic and seasonal designs makes it a versatile option for holiday crafting, themed events, and special occasions.
  • Its reliability in color matching across different batches ensures consistency in production, particularly important for brand consistency and large-scale projects.
  • The vinyl’s non-porous surface makes it resistant to stains and spills, ensuring that designs remain clean and presentable even in demanding environments.
  • Its adaptability for reversible designs adds value and versatility to garments, allowing for two distinct looks in one item.
  • The puff vinyl’s ability to resist stretching and deformation under stress makes it suitable for items that require flexibility and resilience, such as sportswear and activewear.


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