Green Glitter HTV


  • Optimal Thickness for Comfort: The vinyl’s optimal thickness strikes a balance between durability and comfort. It’s neither too thick to feel rigid nor too thin to compromise on quality, making it comfortable to wear.
  • Vibrant Glitter Under All Lighting Conditions: The HTV’s glitter particles are designed to shine brilliantly under various lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to indoor lighting, ensuring the design remains eye-catching in any environment.
  • Machine Wash Safe: This HTV is safe for machine washing, a crucial feature for everyday wear items. It retains its adhesion and sparkle even after multiple wash cycles, provided the care instructions are followed.
  • Enhanced Durability for High-Traffic Items: For items that see a lot of wear and tear, such as bags or athletic wear, TransWonder’s glitter HTV offers enhanced durability. The vinyl withstands rigorous use, maintaining its adhesion and sparkle even under tough conditions.
  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Children’s Clothing: The HTV is non-toxic and safe for use on children’s clothing. Its safety profile makes it a reliable choice for kids’ apparel, where safety and skin sensitivity are paramount considerations.
  • Heat Press Not Required for Application: For users without a heat press, TransWonder’s glitter HTV can be applied effectively with a standard household iron. This flexibility makes it accessible for hobbyists or those working on small-scale projects at home.


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