Orange Puff Vinyl


  • High Opacity for Bold Designs: Provides high coverage, ensuring that the base material does not show through, ideal for vibrant, bold designs.
  • Lightweight Finish: Despite its puff effect, maintains a lightweight finish, keeping garments comfortable to wear.
  • Resistance to Peeling and Cracking: Formulated to resist peeling and cracking, extending the life of the garment.
  • Compatibility with Fine Detailing: Suitable for fine and intricate designs without losing definition after expansion.
  • Rapid Cooling Feature: Cools down quickly post-press, reducing waiting time and increasing production efficiency.
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  • Designed to be compatible with various cutting machine brands and models, it provides flexibility and convenience for users, regardless of their preferred equipment.
  • The puff vinyl’s suitability for high-volume production makes it a cost-effective and efficient choice for businesses and professional crafters.
  • Its capacity to be repositioned during the initial stages of application allows for flexibility and correction, ensuring precise placement and alignment of designs
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  • The vinyl’s potential for creative experimentation, such as mixing colors or textures, encourages innovation and artistic exploration in crafting.


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