Purple Glitter HTV


  • Heat and Pressure Tolerant: TransWonder glitter HTV is engineered to tolerate the high heat and pressure required for application. This makes it reliable for multiple heat press cycles, ensuring the glitter stays intact and the color remains vibrant after pressing.
  • Customizable Sheet Sizes: The HTV is available in customizable sheet sizes, accommodating both small personal projects and larger commercial orders. This flexibility is crucial for businesses that require specific dimensions for their unique designs.
  • Resistant to Cracking and Peeling: This HTV boasts exceptional resistance to cracking and peeling. Even when applied to frequently stretched or worn garments, the vinyl maintains its integrity, ensuring long-lasting designs.
  • Smooth Surface After Heat Application: Despite its glittery texture, the HTV has a surprisingly smooth surface after heat application. This smooth finish not only looks professional but also feels pleasant to the touch, enhancing the overall quality of the garment.
  • Low Risk of Color Bleeding or Transfer: TransWonder glitter HTV is designed with a low risk of color bleeding or transfer during the washing process. This feature ensures that the vinyl’s vibrant colors stay within the design and don’t affect the surrounding fabric, maintaining the garment’s overall appearance.
  • Compatible with Wide Range of Cutting Machines: The HTV is compatible with a wide range of cutting machines, including popular brands like Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother. This compatibility allows users to utilize the vinyl with the equipment they already have, making it a convenient choice for many.


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