Purple Puff Vinyl


  • Enhanced Thickness: Provides a thicker, more pronounced texture for a standout 3D effect.
  • Versatile on Multiple Fabrics: Adapts well to different fabric types, from cotton to synthetics.
  • High-Definition Finish: Ensures sharp, clear edges for detailed designs and crisp lettering.
  • Child-Safe Material: Free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for children’s clothing and accessories.
  • Non-Fading Quality: Holds color and texture, even after extensive use and multiple washes.
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  • This puff vinyl is particularly effective for creating tactile educational tools and toys, adding a sensory dimension that can enhance learning and engagement for children.
  • The product’s resistance to peeling ensures that edges and corners of designs remain intact, providing a clean and professional finish that lasts.
  • Its compatibility with a wide range of heat press machines, from professional-grade to home-use models, makes it accessible to users of all levels and with different equipment.
  • The puff vinyl’s ability to maintain its structural integrity under varying pressure conditions during application ensures consistent results, regardless of the equipment used.
  • Designed for ease of transport and distribution, it is a convenient option for businesses and individuals who require mobility and flexibility in their crafting ventures.
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