Rainbow Glitter HTV


  • Rapid Cool-Down Post Pressing: After heat application, the HTV cools down rapidly, allowing for quicker handling and faster production times. This is especially beneficial in a commercial setting where time efficiency is key.
  • Strong Adhesive Edge to Prevent Lifting: The edges of the HTV are designed with a strong adhesive to prevent lifting or fraying, a common issue with lesser quality vinyls. This ensures a clean, professional finish around the design’s perimeters.
  • Fade-Resistant Glitter for Outdoor Use: The HTV is fade-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. Garments with this vinyl can withstand exposure to the elements without losing their glitter effect.
  • Suitable for Detailed and Complex Designs: The HTV’s quality allows for the creation of detailed and complex designs. Its fine glitter particles and consistent texture ensure that even intricate patterns come out clear and sharp.
  • Ideal for Custom Gifts and Personalized Items: With its vibrant sparkle and ease of use, TransWonder’s glitter HTV is ideal for creating custom gifts and personalized items. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, the vinyl adds a personal touch to any gift.
  • Suitable for All Seasons and Occasions: The versatile nature of this glitter HTV makes it suitable for all seasons and occasions. Its sparkle adds a festive touch to holiday apparel, while its vibrant colors are perfect for summer projects.


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