Red Glitter HTV


  • Reduced Glitter Flaking Over Time: The HTV is designed to reduce glitter flaking over time, ensuring that the design remains intact and continues to sparkle long after application.
  • Consistent Quality Across Batches: TransWonder ensures consistent quality across different batches of their glitter HTV. This consistency is crucial for businesses and designers who need uniformity in their products.
  • Holds Up Against Stretching and Bending: The HTV is robust against stretching and bending, making it ideal for application on fitted garments and items that undergo regular movement.
  • Ideal for Creating Branded Apparel and Merchandise: With its eye-catching finish, TransWonder’s glitter HTV is ideal for creating branded apparel and merchandise. It adds a unique touch to corporate clothing, promotional items, and event giveaways, enhancing brand visibility.
  • Resistant to Humidity and Moisture: The HTV’s composition makes it resistant to humidity and moisture, ensuring that the vinyl maintains its quality in various environmental conditions. This resistance is particularly beneficial for items that may be exposed to outdoor elements.
  • Comprehensive Instructions for First-Time Users: TransWonder provides comprehensive instructions with their glitter HTV, making it easy for first-time users to understand the application process. These instructions help to ensure successful outcomes, even for those new to working with HTV.


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