Sapphire Blue Glitter HTV


  • Compatibility with Laser Cutters: In addition to traditional blade cutters, this HTV is compatible with laser cutters, allowing for precise and intricate designs that are difficult to achieve with standard cutting methods.
  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing: TransWonder is committed to environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. This commitment is reflected in the production of their glitter HTV, which is made with reduced environmental impact in mind.
  • Soft Hand Feel After Application: Once applied, the HTV has a soft hand feel, ensuring that garments remain comfortable to wear. This is particularly important for children’s clothing and sensitive skin.
  • Rapid Cooling Post-Application for Fast Handling: After application, the HTV cools down rapidly, allowing for quick handling and moving on to the next step in the production process. This rapid cooling is particularly beneficial in a fast-paced crafting or production environment.
  • Consistency in Glitter Distribution: The glitter in TransWonder’s HTV is evenly distributed, ensuring a uniform sparkle throughout the entire sheet or roll. This consistency is vital for achieving a professional-looking finish in all types of projects.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant During Storage and Handling: The vinyl is designed to be wrinkle-resistant, maintaining its smooth surface during storage and handling. This feature ensures that the HTV is always ready for use, without the need for additional preparation.


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