Teal Puff Vinyl


  • Quick Heat Activation: Reacts quickly to heat, ensuring a faster and efficient application process.
  • Soft Hand Feel: Offers a comfortable, soft touch post-application, enhancing the wearability of garments.
  • Precision Cut Compatibility: Compatible with various cutting machines for precise and intricate designs.
  • Resistant to Cracking: Ensures designs remain intact without cracking or peeling over time.
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  • The vinyl’s ease of storage and handling, being less prone to damage or degradation when stored, makes it a convenient choice for long-term use and bulk purchasing.
  • This vinyl is designed to have minimal environmental impact during manufacturing and disposal, aligning with the growing trend towards sustainable crafting and production practices.
  • The puff vinyl’s anti-fade properties ensure that colors remain true even after exposure to harsh cleaning agents, making it suitable for items that require stringent hygiene practices.
  • Its non-toxic formulation makes it a safe choice for all age groups, reassuring users who are concerned about the health and environmental implications of their crafting materials.
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