Regular HTV

The biggest debate when it comes to vinyl is whether one should use HTV vinyl or the adhesive version. Many people prefer to use HTV because of the perks it comes with. At TransWonder, we have the best HTV vinyl in the market and will ensure you get quality every time.

The debate on whether one should use HTV or adhesive vinyl comes up in several discussions. Here are some of the pointers on the features of these two that will help you make up your mind.
●Adhesive vinyl is often temporary and comes off after a few washes. HTV is considered permanent and tends to last longer. You can, however, get permanent adhesive vinyl options in the market.
●When it comes to allocation, you need to ensure you get a cricut machine for your adhesive vinyl while HTV does not need a special machine for cutting.
●Adhesive vinyl is used for indoor items while HTV can work for both indoors and outdoors.
●HTV needs heat to adhere to the surface it is being applied to while adhesive vinyl uses the adhesive it comes with.

One thing most people struggle with is getting vinyl that will work well for them. Talking to a professional is the easiest way to go about this. At TransWonder, we have a team of experienced staff that understand HTV vinyl, including puff vinyl, and will more often than not help you figure out what works best for you.

Take your time and figure out which vinyl will work best in your case. In case you are confused then you can always reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you figure out what works best for you.

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