Indigo Puff Vinyl


  • Fade Resistance in Prolonged Sun Exposure: Exhibits excellent fade resistance, maintaining its color even with prolonged sun exposure.
  • Soft Touch Post-Application: Retains a soft touch post-application, enhancing the comfort of the final product.
  • Adhesive Strength for Longevity: Features superior adhesive strength, ensuring the vinyl stays intact through wear and tear.
  • Compatibility with Intricate Patterns: Exceptionally suitable for intricate patterns, maintaining clarity and detail post-expansion.
  • Efficient Transfer Process: Ensures an efficient transfer process, ideal for high-volume production settings.
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  • The puff vinyl’s ability to maintain color saturation and vibrancy over time ensures that designs remain impactful and visually appealing.
  • Designed for easy recycling and disposal, it aligns with environmental sustainability goals, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious crafters and businesses.
  • Its effectiveness in creating branded merchandise, from corporate wear to promotional items, ensures that logos and messages are prominently and attractively displayed.
  • The puff vinyl’s suitability for mixed-media art projects encourages creativity and innovation, allowing artists to explore new textures and effects in their work.
  • Its ability to be applied to a wide range of product types, from clothing to home décor to accessories, makes it a versatile and valuable tool in any crafter’s arsenal.

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