Gold Glitter HTV


  • No Special Storage Requirements: This HTV does not require special storage conditions. It can be stored in typical craft or work environments without degrading in quality or performance.
  • Pre-cut Options for Convenience: For added convenience, TransWonder offers pre-cut options, saving time and effort for those who prefer ready-to-use sizes for quick projects.
  • Ideal for Layering with Other Vinyl Types: This glitter HTV can be layered effectively with other types of vinyl, allowing for creative and multi-dimensional designs.
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Care Requirements: Garments with TransWonder glitter HTV are low maintenance and have easy care requirements. They can be machine washed and dried, making them convenient for everyday use and care.
  • Compatible with Mixed Media Art Projects: This HTV can be used in mixed media art projects, complementing other crafting materials like paints, fabrics, and more. Its compatibility with various mediums makes it a versatile choice for artists and crafters.
  • High Heat Resistance for Long Pressing Durations: TransWonder’s glitter HTV is formulated to resist high heat, allowing for longer pressing durations if needed. This heat resistance ensures that the vinyl remains intact and doesn’t degrade during the application process.

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